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Vietnam Open Tour News & Events

TUESDAY 15 MARCH, 2022 | RSS Feed

Ha Noi to open new pedestrian zone

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HÀ NỘI — On National Reunification Day (April 30), visitors can explore many cultural events at Sơn Tây old fortress citadel, the new pedestrian zone in Hà Nội.

The zone also aims to promote the image of the Sơn Tây fortress, a military base built by King Minh Mạng in 1822 to protect Thăng Long Imperial Citadel.

It also promises to become a space for entertainment, culture and tourism.

The 820-metre-long walking area spreads over Phó Đức Chính and Phan Chu Trinh Street, Sơn Tây Town; outer road of Sơn Tây old fortress citadel; flower garden in the town centre; central flower garden area square; the front yard of the town’s cultural centre and town stadium square.

It is scheduled to open from 7pm Saturday until noon on Sunday, with contemporary art performances, street music, folk dance, portrait painting, calligraphy, boat racing, fishing, and water puppetry.

Many art and photo exhibitions, book events as well as activities for children will also be held.

Visitors will also have the chance to experience unique culinary services, buy souvenirs and typical products of Sơn Tây at the pedestrian zone.

Sơn Tây town is one of the five satellite towns of Hà Nội with the main functions of cultural, historical, ecological tourism, commercial services on the basis of preserving traditional cultural heritage.

Sơn Tây old fortress citadel is the fourth pedestrian zone of Hà Nội to be launched, after the three walking spaces of Hoàn Kiếm Lake, Hà Nội’s Old Quarter and Trịnh Công Sơn Street.

In the near future, Hà Nội is expected to have a number of other walking spaces to boost tourism. —VNS

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Now is a golden opportunity to reopen tourism

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HÀ NỘI — The successful vaccination campaign and the removal of restrictions on international flights has created a golden opportunity for Việt Nam to reopen the tourism sector, which is expected to create a significant impetus to accelerate post-pandemic economic recovery, experts said.

General Director of the Việt Nam National Administration of Tourism Nguyễn Trùng Khánh said at a forum on Friday that the tourism industry, which was badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, now has a great opportunity to quickly restart and recover in the new normal.

“Never in the last six decades has Việt Nam’s tourism industry suffered such heavy damage as the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Khánh said, adding that it might take at least five years to recover.

After two years of fighting against the pandemic, many countries gradually adjusted their stance on fighting the virus, from zero cases to living alongside COVID-19 and bringing life back to normal, Khánh said.

Countries in the region, such as Singapore and Thailand, are receiving international tourists while the European Union is open for intra-regional travel and allows citizens from a third country to enter with conditions.

“The successful national vaccination campaign together with the removal of restrictions on international flights from February 15 has provided favourable conditions to restart tourism and grab opportunities,” he said.

The number of domestic tourists increased considerably in recent months. The number of domestic tourists in February totalled 9.6 million, up by 380 per cent against the same period last year. The tourism revenue in the month was estimated at VNĐ41.38 trillion, up by 313 per cent.

Analytical data from the Google Destination Insights showed that the number of international searches for Việt Nam’s aviation and tourism information skyrocketed from December 2021 and remained at a very high level. On January 21 searches were 425 per cent higher and on February 3 they were 374 per cent higher than the same time one year ago.

Khánh said that the increase in domestic tourist numbers shows that safe tourism is an appropriate direction and also reflected the readiness for the reopening of tourism.

The increase in international searches about travelling to Việt Nam from the beginning of 2022 was a positive signal for the rapid and strong recovery of the tourism industry, creating favourable momentum for the plan of opening up international tourism, he added.

According to Trần Thị Lan Anh, General Secretary of the Việt Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tourism demand had been suppressed during the past two years as the world applied the most extreme isolation measures.

The world was gradually opening up and it’s time for tourism to grab that opportunity, she said.

“The current situation requires tourism not only to be friendly but also to be safe for tourists and residents,” Anh said.

Anh said how to open tourism safely, so as not to make tourists hesitate about procedures to ensure the health and safety of residents, was the biggest concern of enterprises, as the World Health Organization warned that the COVID-19 pandemic will not end this year.

Việt Nam was getting ready for reopening tourism from tomorrow as approved by the Government, Khánh said, stressing that the decisive factors for the success were ensuring safety against the virus, the resumption of international and domestic flights, creating favourable conditions for international tourists to Việt Nam and recognising vaccine passports.

Khánh said that the tourism ministry would cooperate with relevant ministries and organisations to negotiate with other countries about the recognition of Việt Nam’s vaccine passports.

The focus must also be placed on improving tourism products and services quality, which is the key to increasing the competitiveness of Việt Nam’s tourism industry, Khánh said.

He pointed out that after two years of being ravaged by COVID-19, most firms were falling into difficulty and human resources for tourism declined. He urged tourism enterprises to pay attention to developing new products, improving services quality and building human resources.

Promotion activities must also be enhanced to attract arrivals to Việt Nam with the campaign “Live fully in Vietnam” which was launched late last year.

Support policies in terms of taxes and fees must be effective at least to the end of 2023 to really benefit firms, he said.

Nguyễn Nguyệt Vân Khanh, deputy director of Vietravel Marketing Department, said that countries in the region were rushing to open their doors to international tourists, adding that Việt Nam should hurry up to not to miss this golden opportunity.

Trần Đoàn Thế Duy, Vietravel’s general director, said that enterprises were waiting for detailed guidelines on medical isolation as well as the visa-fee policy.  

Việt Nam is expected to attract five million international tourist arrivals this year. Last year, Việt Nam received only 3,800 international tourists due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the tourism development programme in 2022-26 period proposed to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Việt Nam targeted to attract 8-9 million tourist arrivals in 2023, equivalent to half of 2017 and 16 million in 2026. — VNS

Pear blossom attracts tourists in Na Hang

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HÀ NỘI — Visitors have flocked to a Pear Blossom Festival held in Hồng Thái Commune, Na Hang District, in the northern mountainous province of Tuyên Quang.

The festival is being held in the district for the first time to encourage more tourists to visit, especially Na Hang District.


Pear gardens with pure white flowers in Hồng Thái Commune captivate visitors. 

It is also a part of the Tuyên Quang Province’s tourism stimulus programme in 2022.

A host of activities within the festival framework will promote local landscapes such as the Na Hang – Lâm Bình Nature Reserve. 

Traditional festivals of ethnic minority groups, such as the fire-jumping ceremony of the Red Dao, will be re-enacted while local cuisine and specialities such as San Tuyết tea will be served.


Young girl takes a picture with pear blossom.

Tourists can experiment with cultural activities and cuisine, such as beeswax drawing, embroidering, picking tea buds and tea drying. 

The pear gardens in Hồng Thái Commune, Na Hang District, are filled with white flowers. The warm spring season is also an opportunity for pear flowers to bloom. Regardless of foggy or sunny weather, the beautiful pear gardens in the locality attract many visitors.


Visitors with ethnic costumes take pictures at pear blossom garden.

With many natural wonders, beautiful landscapes, and cultural relics, Tuyên Quang Province has substantial potential to develop its tourism industry.

Hồng Thái Commune has an area of 91ha for growing pear trees, with around 164 households in the village helping to produce them. Pear trees are planted in all seven hamlets, but mainly in Khau Tràng.


The pear blossom are clustered together blooming in late February and lasting from two to three weeks. — VNA/VNS Photo Nam Sương

The pear flower is typical of the commune blooms in late February. The flowers are clustered together, lasting from two to three weeks when mist seeps across the pear flowers, making this scenery more poetic.

The beauty of pear flowers and the upland people’s cultural identities has made Hồng Thái Commune a fascinating destination for many tourists both inside and outside the province.

The festival will run until March 20 in Na Hang District, Tuyên Quang Province which is located more than 130km to the northeast of Hà Nội. — VNS

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