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Payment guidance for booking tour and hotel in www.vietnamopentourist.com

To bring convenience for customers to book tours and hotels online at sites www.vietnamopentourist.com, International Tourist Corp with Nganluong.vn payment gateway allows customers to book a hotel room, tour and pay directly at the website: www.vietnamopentourist.com

With the prestige and security of NganLuong.vn, with experience as a travel company. International Tourist Corp(www.vietnamopentourist.com) commitments set tour, hotel reservation online at www.vietnamopentourist.com will ensure absolute and processed as soon as customers transfer money to us.

Customers set tour and hotel rooms in www.vietnamopentourist.com website by:

Step 1: select the tour or rooms you want to set:

Step 2: Complete information and submission requirements:

Step 3: You will receive email confirmation hotel reservation or book tour:

Step 4: You click on this link (http://vietnamopentourist.com/order_status.html) and full information in order to view order status Step

Step 5: You see the invoice and pay online by clicking the payment button.

Step 6: Pay online with payment gateway nganluong.vn

Step 7: Complete payment information

Step 8: Select the card you want to pay (Visa, Master)

Step 9: Enter the serial number for payment Wish you success, Hope to serve you

Wish you success, Hope to serve you

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