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Area: 3,406 sq. km.
Population: 2,146,800 habitants (2003)
Regional code: 076
Capital: Long Xuyen City.
Town: Chau Doc.
Districts: An Phu, Tan Chau, Phu Tan, Chau Phu, Tinh Bien, Tri Ton, Cho Moi, Chau Thanh, Thoai Son.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Khmer, Cham, Hoa.

Geography: An Giang Province is located to the west of the Mekong Delta between the Tien and Hau rivers and shares a 100km border with Cambodia in the north - west. It also shares border with Dong Thap Province in the east, Cantho City in the south - east, and Kien Giang Province in the south - west. 

Transportation: An Giang has a relatively convenient land and water transport system. National Road 91 connects to Cam-pu-chia. Buses run from Chau Doc to Long Xuyen, Cantho, and other destinations in the Mekong Delta.
Long Xuyen City is 62km from Cantho, 125km from My Tho, and 190km from Ho Chi Minh City. Chau Doc Town is 96km from Ha Tien, 117km from Cantho, 179km from My Tho, and 245km from Ho Chi Minh City.

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VICTORIA CHAUDOC HOTEL       Price:  US$ 125      - City/Town : Chau Doc
Address: 32 Le Loi, Chau doc town, An giang province, Vietnam
Telephone: (84-71) 3865 010
Fax: (84-71) 3865 020

- Built in a colonial style, with low-rise French architecture, opened in December 1999 as the second hotel of the Victoria Chain in the Mekong Delta. Right on the banks of the Bassac River at the Three River Crossing, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel is entirely part of the bustling life of the river. From this unique location, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel allows guests to discover life deep inside the Mekong Delta

HA LONG HOTEL       Price:  US$ 41      - City/Town : Chau Doc
Address: No 1 - Nui Sam ward - Chau Doc town - An Giang
Telephone: (84-76) 3571 661
Fax: 84-76) 3571 662

CHAU PHO HOTEL       Price:  US$ 32      - City/Town : Chau Doc
Address: Trung Nu Vuong Str, Chau Doc, An Giang, Viet Nam
Telephone: (84-76) 3564 139
Fax: (84-76) 3564 159

Chau Pho Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Chau Doc. Seeing from the high floors, overall picture of Chau Doc Town appears tranquilly. It just takes the tourist about 15 minutes to drive from Chau Pho to the famous place of pilgrimage in Vietnam - Lady Chua Xu Temple or to the other cultural and historical monuments such as Sam Mountain, Tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau, Tay An Pagoda

BEN DA NUI SAM RESORT       Price:  US$ 20      - City/Town : Chau Doc
Address: National Road 91, Nui Sam Ward, Chau Doc Town, An Giang Province, Vietnam
Telephone: (84-76) 3861 745(3lines)
Fax: (84-76) 3861 530

Ben Da Nui Sam is a series of postcards in motion. Step back in time to see boys herding their ducks, men lounging on water buffalo and women in conical hats bent double in rice fields. A diverse and varied culture, Ben Da Nui Sam has something for everyone. From Chua Ong, Chua Ba in Chau Doc to the water-park in VinhTe Canal, from the Mekong Delta to the the top of Sam Mountain, Ben Da Nui Sam Resort has sights, history and people that will shock, amaze and amuse you. Visit us at the Ben Da Nui Sam and be amazed at all that can happen on water and mountain

TRUNG NGUYEN HOTEL       Price:  US$ 19      - City/Town : Chau Doc
Address: 86 BachDang - ChauDoc town, Angiang, Vietnam
Telephone: (84-76) 3866 158-3561 561
Fax: (84-76) 3868 674

Trung Nguyen Hotel is located in Center of ChauDoc Town.
- Chua Xu Temple was built in 1820 on Sam Mountain in An Giang province. According to a legend, in the early 1800s villagers found a statue of a lady dating to the 6th century in the forest. They built a temple in her hornor, hoping that she would bring them better crops and better lives. This is why the marble statue of Ba Chua Xu, meaning "country lady," is worshipped.
- Ba Chua Xu Festival is organized annually at the end of the 4th lunar month; worshippers touch her statue and ask for her protection and benediction

SONG SAO HOTEL       Price:  US$ 16      - City/Town : Chau Doc
Address: 12_13 Nguyen Huu Canh , ChauDoc town, Angiang, Vietnam
Telephone: (84-76) 3561 777-3561 778
Fax: 84-76) 3561 776

- Ben SongSao Hotel is located in Center of ChauDoc Town.
- From Long Xuyen, one has to travel almost 60 km to get to Sam Mountain which lies west of Chau Doc, at approximately 2 km from the frontier between Vietnam and Cambodia.
- The 230-m-high mountain does not only offer beautiful landscapes, but it is also where many historic remains deeply loved by the inhabitants of Nam Bo plain are located. Ba Chua Xu Temple, Tay An Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Tao Ngo Garden, and Bach Van Hill are among the famous sites to visit near Sam Mountain

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