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Wonderful colours of Vietnamese tree frogs

Wonderful colours of Vietnamese tree frogs

Tree frog species are the most beautiful amphibians in Vietnam. Sixteen species of tree frogs have been discovered in the country at different heights, from 100 to 3000 m above sea level. Tree frogs live in well-protected forests only and they need to be protected. Tuoi Tre introduces the beauty of some tree frog species. 

1/ Living at the height of 3000m above sea level, the tree frog species named Rhacophorus dugritei lays its eggs in early April to avoid the cold spell in the winter in Fansipan, the highest mountain in Indochina. This is the tree frog species living at the highest height in Southeast Asia.




2/ Living at the height of 2400-2500m is Rhacophorus hoanglienensis species. This species was discovered in 2001 by Vietnamese and Russian scientists in the Hoang Lien National Park. It is very difficult to take pictures and collect samples of this species in nature, even for amphibian researchers.




3/ Chư Yang Sin Rhacophorus chuyangsinensis was discovered in 2008 at the height of 2200m in Chu Yang Sin National Park. This species of frog is very beautiful because its skin and eyes combine yellow, dark brown, red, black and green.




4/ With shiny blue skin with black spots, a white stomach and suckers on their feet, Rhacophorus dennysi is among the best climbers and long jumpers of amphibians in Vietnam.






5/ Rhacophorus calcaneus is the smallest tree frog species in Vietnam. They like dense forests with many streams.




6/ Rhacophorus kio often lives in places where there are waterfalls and high humidity. Sometimes they are seen in recovering forests in Vietnam.




7/ With blazing red stomachs that look like ripening fruits in the forest and silver white backs, Rhacophorus rhodopus is very special.






8/ Rhacophorus annamensis experiences great changes of appearance during their growth process. Amphibian experts who don’t research this species may be surprised about its changes.






9/ Even enemies of Rhacohorus feae cannot recognise them if they are standing on a fresh tree branch because its colour is similar to leaves and branches in forest.




10/ German amphibian experts Ziegler and Kohler discovered Orlovi Rhacophorus olovi species in the central province of Ha Tinh. This is an endemic species in Vietnam.




11/ It is possible that this is the tree frog species that lives at the lowest height in Vietnam. In 1999, Russian and German scientists found them in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai, at the height of 900m above sea level. In 2000, they were discovered in the Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve in the southern province of Dong Nai.






12/ Living on the Yen Tu range of mounts in Quang Ninh province, Rhacophorus maximus can stand firmly on bamboo, cane brakes and other trees on stream banks to seek food.






Source: VietNamNet/Tuoi Tre

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